Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, January 21, 2011


Andrew Sullivan: Via anonymous in comments
Loughner And The Right
21 Jan 2011 01:16 pm

Megan takes issue with this post on Loughner:

Andrew's defense seems to be that there are a lot of right wing jerks out there, and that by combing Loughner's writing, he can find a few sentences here and there that sort of sound like things that might have been said by one of those right wing jerks. But I'm pretty sure that if I combed Loughner's writing, I could find some sentences here and there that imply that Loughner read Andrew's writing, or gay rights literature, or Edmund Burke.

Really? Go ahead. Make my day. Or withdraw the claim.

He's going to have a long, long wait. It's been six months since we were promised Elizabeth Warren II: The Temple Of Doom.


Quicksand said...

This sounds like an interesting variation on the infinite monkey theorem.

Only there really ISN'T an infinite number of right-wing wackos. It only seems like it.

Anonymous said...

mcmegtard and her commenters have mastered the dichotomy of making assertions without proof but constantly demanding acceptable-source proof for assertions they don't like.

Clever Pseudonym said...

"Fair enough, but it seems like we should get some data..."

Wasn't it Megan who wrote these very words after being called out for mis-representing something she'd heard on the radio just a few short days ago? I guess "data" is something for the little people. Not that it isn't an absurd assertion open to extremely loose interpretation to begin with. I'm sure environmental extremists could cite Dr. Suess as an inspiration if they wanted to. "I was speaking for the trees!"

Anonymous said...

You know what she's going to say. She's going to say she didn't mean it literally, that she bet she'd find a connection. After all, she's not the betting kind, so it ought to be obvious to everyone that she didn't mean it literally. Plus, calculator.


Vinny said...

Sorry to inflict this on you, but try to listen to McArdle on WNYC.ORG last night but I must warn you to first put some condoms on your ears. It's an NPR affiliate, you know, the "librul" talk radio station that the Republicans wanted to defund even though they only get about 2% of their operating budget from from the gubmint. Her matter of fact ramblings of non-factual, unsubstantiated right wing pablum will have you either pulling your hair out, throwing things at your speakers, or hitting the mute button the moment you hear her voice.

atat said...

And for bonus laffs, today Megan cracks wise[sic] about "the supercilious know-it-alls of the world." Incredibly, the post is not titled Dept. of Lack of Self-Awareness.

nanute said...

I think she'll fall back on the calculator defense.

Substance McGravitas said...

It sure would be terrible if Sullivan's day was made.

Anonymous said...

one yahoo in the comments says he found the links to sully for mcmegtard.