Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Everybody Dance!

Megan McArdle twits her amusement at criticism.

Megan McArdle
Tee-hee! RT @allanbrauer: @asymmetricinfo Of course you're reading the polls wrong. You're always wrong. You're Megan McArdle. #duh

She also informs commenters that their corrections of her errors just amuses her.

I am kind of astonished you are brazen enough to publicize opinions that seem to imply that we have just 8,000 uninsured, rather than 40 million.
As far as where the uninsured went, have you considered asking the Republican Party? It is the one that promoted high-risk pools as the answer to all health insurance woes. Health care reform adopted them as a stopgap to 2014.

Do you read the articles you comment on, or is that too much like work?
RZ0 19 hours ago in reply to McMegan
I'm sorry, what was I wrote that upset you?

The word you are looking for is "amused", and in this case, it's that you apparently didn't even read the headline, much less all the content. In fact, darned if I can discover what you did read that contained even the implicit claim that there are only 8,000 uninsured people in the US.

Happy to hear I brightened your day!

Like a screaming toddler doused in chocolate syrup . . .

She's laughing all the way to the bank. Facts? Logic? People in need? What do they matter?

Our desire to help out our fellow countrymen? Our work, our money, our fight for what is right? It's amusing to see the peasants work themselves into a froth when you know they will fail. When you know that you are plugged in to the money and power, can toss out a few lazy posts on the latest talking point, and go shopping with all of your lovely loot.

The people pleading for health insurance when they have a pre-existing condition? They're the funniest thing of all. Beg, little peasant! Beg for your treat! Not that you'll get it, but it sure is amusing to see you stand on your hind legs and dance!

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