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Thursday, February 23, 2012

K-Lo. At Large.

Be Healed
by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Last night I happened upon a healing Mass in the District of Columbia. How’s that for Providential? Talk about answering a call. God sure is timely.

“We are all cracked and broken individuals. We are all broken in one way or another,” the main celebrant said during the homily.

That’s not psychobabble when said before exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. More like “wisdom from above.”

And there were college kids from George Washington University, submitting to the power of prayer, on their knees in front of the Lord God. And staying through the end of a much longer than usual Sunday Mass.

“The mind is the battleground: thoughts ideas and suggestions. Pray for the mind of Jesus,” the homilist had advised.

And so they did. And so we must.
That's right, kids. Submit on your knees to the power from your authority, let your authority's love heal your broken heart,  give up your thoughts to your authority.


Ken Houghton said...

"If you want to kiss the sky better learn how to kneel...On your knees, boys!"

Every once in a while, I think Bono knew more than he ever let on about Irish priests.

zuzu said...

They'd be so much happier if they just admitted their kink.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good to know that last year's psychobabble is this year's wisdom from g-d. How providential! Surprising, even! When an impressionable mind goes awandering there are messages everywhere: in the clouds, the sound of a child's laugh, even in the prepared texts of a 2000 year old propaganda machine.


Tommykey said...

And there were college kids... on their knees in front of the Lord God.

You mean God was right there IN FRONT of them! I thought God was supposed to be up above somewhere.

Ben said...

She had an earlier post about (someone else) giving up electric light for Lent. One of the tags she used for the post was "artificial light".

Between the inanity and the drooling authoritarianism, I don't know if I'm going to be able to resist the urge to fuck with that blog. Lord, give me strength.

Mr.Wonderful said...

let your authority's love heal your broken heart

Hey, that's not scripture. It's not even Susan of Texas. It's Gene Pitney.

(Yes, I'm dating myself. But when I do, we go Dutch.)

Dr.BDH said...

"Pray for the mind of Jesus."

What's His DSM diagnosis? Tripolar disorder?

Cole said...

Well, having given up Catholicism for Lent years ago, I probably aren't deemed worthy to comment, but....

...I could not better summarize the tribalist mentality that is destroying this culture than K-lo's insistence that "We are all cracked and broken individuals. We are all broken in one way or another" is "wisdom" when said by one of her tribe and "psychobabble" when said by anyone else in the universe.

Cole said...

...umm, too bad I gave up proper grammar, as well. Oh well, I don't suppose it will be needed in Last Days.

jp said...

She thinks and reasons like a child. It's astonishing.

antonello said...

Pray for the mind of Jesus.

Believers claim that Jesus knows everything, including the future, and that his all-powerful mind and will are identical. Praying to have his mind is the ultimate in hubris.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anotonello, I don't understand the theological implications of "praying for the mind of jesus." The phrase "imitation of life" is meant to mean that we should imitate the actions of Jesus with respect to the poor, the outcast, etc... I see being asked to pray for the "heart" of Jesus as making a little more sense. But I've never heard of anyone asking to imitate the "mind" of Jesus. Jesus wasn't really a mind over matter kind of guy.

Also, on behalf of children everywhere I resent the statement that K Lo reasons like a child. Children always reason in a more interesting way because they can both think things through and listen to a complicated explanation and reformulate what they think (I've been going over home videos of my very young children and am reminded of this fact). Klo is incapable of that order of complex reasoning. She thinks like a particularly stupid parrot. She's incapable of that delicious thing children do when they say something, think about it, and burst into laughter and change their minds.

Also, on the subject of "we are all broken" I hate that shtick because it goes along with refusing to believe that we are "descended" of the apes (in their misbegotten anti darwinism). They have the arrogance to imagine we are perfect and made in the image of g-d and at the same time insist that we are all broken and need further humiliation. Well I'm fucking perfect for a jumped up amoeba turned primate.


Susan of Texas said...

They seem to mean that we should be like Jesus, whose mind was always on obeying and following God. Which has always puzzled me, since Jesus is God-made-man.

Roger said...

What did K-Lo need to be healed of/from?

Roger said...

Hyattsville, MD is not "in the District of Columbia," last time I checked.

It's a sin to tell a lie.

Anonymous said...

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