Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Hysterical Megan

Shorter Megan McArdle: A bad website will lead to death! Weeks of website repair is terrifying!! It's not time to panic but it's nearly time to panic!!! It's not impossible to buy insurance but it's nearly impossible to buy insurance!! Free riders!! Burning boats!!!  I may sound Apocalyptic but I really don't sound Apocalyptic!!!!11!!

Yes, that was much, much shorter.


Mr. Wonderful said...

Someone should take her aside and say, softly, "Megan? We get it. ACA is dead. Well done. Now why don't you spend your time coming up with a new plan for an all-private health care system that at least puts the US in the top 20 countries for life expectancy, instead of, like, 37, or wherever we are now. Wouldn't that be a good idea?"

Susan of Texas said...

But....this is the best of all health care systems in the best of all possible worlds, according to McArdle. And really, who knows what facts are real facts are what facts are fake liberal facts? You just think that people are dying from lack of health care when they are really dying from visiting the doctor.

Thinking like McArdle makes my head hurt. Also I can feel my heart shriveling up. It is now two sizes too small.

Mr. Wonderful said...

Your heart is just fine. Trust me, I'm not a doctor. The work you do here proves how big your heart is.

mew said...

"(Corrects calculation of 400 percent of poverty line in ninth paragraph.)"

Trouble with that old unreliable calculator again?

bulbul said...

"Now we learn that the much-touted exchanges aren’t really essential, either -- in his speech this morning, Obama helpfully pointed out that you could also sign up by phone."
Isn't the phone thing merely a substitute for the website? Why yes it is. How does that mean the insurance exchanges are not essential? They're still there, the only thing that's different is how you sign up.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


There is a movie in here somewhere, amidst all the poop.

Batocchio said...

Welcome back! TBogg also went to town on this one, and I had to swing by to see if her latest inanity had pulled you back in...

Susan of Texas said...

Now that was funny.

I need to go over McArdle's attacks in detail; she is getting a lot of traction with this while actually saying nothing concrete.

Anonymous said...

Since her death-spiral post mentioned above, she has doubled down.

Susan of Texas said...

And she is doing it all in defense of a terrible system, preserving the status quo because she, personally, is satisfied with it.

She will always have a job with health insurance. She would be unemployable in the old media days but now she can just work for a billionaire. She is as Tea Party as the real tea party members because she was bought by the same people. She is one of their intellectual leaders; Jim DeMint retweeted her death spirals post, which spread far and wide.

The right tells her she's brilliant and a fake image based on spewing BS is more than good enough for the tea party followers. They don't care if she's right or wrong as long as "everyone" says she's right.

All she has to do is never admit she is wrong, never let the bravado falter, and she will be rich and powerful.

Anonymous said...

Or just hire McArdle.
She's like the ThermoMix of sock puppets.

Susan of Texas said...


"In general, if your reaction to some comments is that nobody could really be that stupid, it may be that you are just underestimating the power of stupidity — but it may also be that nobody is, in fact, that stupid, but that someone has been employed to play stupid for fun and profit."

It's why they are so smug--they get away with it.

Anonymous said...,,9780670026142,00.html?The_Up_Side_of_Down_Megan_McArdle

Every time I see this mentioned :(

Susan of Texas said...


She's Bobo and the Moustache of Understanding and Sally Quinn all rolled up into one little bundle.

I am beginning to think that all the people who said she was unimportant were very wrong.

Susan of Texas said...

I'm working on a death spirals!! post. Her latest is so dishonest it's stunning.

Anonymous said...

The reviews in the penguin site are hilarious. I guess Tyler Cowen and others got advance copies.

Susan of Texas said...

"In this wise, thought-provoking, and personal book, Megan McArdle makes the powerful case that we have as much or more to learn from our failures as we do from successes"

Yes! She fills it with personal information, the better to embarrass herself.

Anatole David said...

No better person to write about success through failure than Megan McArdle. This book will be a mise en abyme of failure. Reader beware!

Great to see you posting again Susan!