Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Opening Of Hostilities

When people like Rod Dreher are allowed to continue their vicious anti-gay campaigns, gay people suffer. When anti-gay bigotry is ignored or permitted, children grow up to hate or be repulsed by the idea of gay children and adults. Those children make life miserable for other children who are obviously gay and continue persecution as adults. I have seen young children taunt and mistreat gay classmates and the effect on the gay kids will break your heart.

Bigotry is bad enough but it is especially galling when the persecutor is working out his personal issues through political means. There are many rumors on the internet that Rod is bisexual. Rumors on the internet are not facts but those rumors must be kept in mind when reading Rod's work. Even if those rumors are false, Rod would still be working out personal issues regarding sexuality because of his father. Rod's father, going by what Rod has said, thought Rod was a sissy-boy and treated him with abusive disdain. His dad withheld approval because Rod was not what he wanted in a son. Rod's physical weakness, disdain for work and the manly art of killing, and love of books did not flatter him and make him look manly in the community. That is perfectly clear from Rod's writing. Rod went through years of depression, he said, after realizing that he would never have his father's approval.

Now his father is dead and Rod will never be able to get that approval. Rod thinks he has come to peace with his father before the latter's death. He wrote about the beauty of his father's decline and death, how it brought his whole family together, and how he was able to feel closer to his father. Rod is utterly delusional and this inner peace will not last. It cannot. Nothing has changed. His father never accepted him. Rod never acknowledged the abusive nature of his parents; his father's disgust and his mother's compliance. When the afterglow of family togetherness fades, Rod will still feel rejected and inadequate and will still yearn for his father's approval. And now there is no hope of ever getting it and the emotional collapse will be as spectacular as it will be inevitable.

I have reserved Rod's two books from the library and we will be taking a closer look at Rod's sexuality and family dynamics via his own writings.

It may seem distasteful to discuss one man's sexuality in public. Rod pretends to want to retreat to an enclave of self-fulfillment but his career is both public and political.  Thanks to Rod Dreher we know that people's sexuality is not a private matter but a political matter that must be whipped up until every gay little girl or boy feels just as humiliated and rejected as Rod Douthat Dreher.


Ellis Weiner said...

You start with one Rod and end with another. Spare the Rod--the other one.

Susan of Texas said...

LOL. I keep doing that.

bulbul said...

I have reserved Rod's two books from the library and we will be taking a closer look at Rod's sexuality and family dynamics via his own writings.
Not that I don't appreciate it, but are you sure you want to delve into that particular sewer?

Susan of Texas said...

I want to push back against gay bashers and transvestite mockers and he will fit in very nicely with a discussion of Alice Miller and authoritarian child-rearing.