Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, July 29, 2016

Bridge of Sighs

Shorter Megan McArdle: Because Trump and Clinton have similar polling numbers, there is little difference to people between Trump and Clinton's campaigns. This means that Clinton's pedestrian oratory skills are a serious problem.

Concern Troll is concerned.

Heh, McArdle thinks she's qualified to give Clinton advice (that Clinton has already been following).
Clinton is lucky to have an opponent who is also not very good at public speaking. But after last night’s speech, I’m not sure she’s lucky enough. At the beginning of the week, I echoed a point made by Sean Trende of Real Clear Politics: Clinton is so weak that against a candidate with very high unfavorable, she has turned this election into Generic (D) against Generic (R). With GDP growth coming in at 1.2 percent this morning, well below estimates, Democrats cannot afford to have that generic election; because when economic growth is weak, voters tend to turn against the party of the incumbent. Clinton must remind voters that all other things are not equal. She and Trump are not equally qualified to be president.
Only in McArdle's fondest dreams are Clinton and Trump considered equally electable. She doesn't want Trump to win but she wants to preserve the illusion of Republican authority, dignity, and successful governance. She can't have both, unless Democrats also attempt to preserve the illusion instead of going on the attack while the enemy is weak.


Anonymous said...

(not about this blog post in particular, but your whole blog)
the you're right, you're right

Anonymous said...

It struck me that Megan and Donald Trump have similar personality traits, most strikingly in their inability to apologize for anything and then double down on stupidity.

Susan of Texas said...

That's true. They are both the mediocre children of very successful fathers and the product of a greased success track. They went through prep schools where they learned how to manipulate others but not much else. Both are puffed up with vanity, probably to hide deep insecurity, although McArdle has learned to tone that down in public.

Anonymous said...

And both have attempted to take down Elizabeth Warren, got smacked down, and we're still waiting for Pt 2.

Kathy said...

Considering how, for 2+ decades, repugs and the Media have been beating the rage-and-hate drums and blowing the "She's a criminal!" trumpets, along with a chorus of "Lock her up!" and "Kill Her!", its really amazing that Hillary will most likely be our next president.