Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's All In The Details

But--what happened to failing upwards??

I did not address a choice little bit of dishonesty in McArdle's #NeverTrump post so let's look at her claim that the people didn't really want Trump when they voted for him.
Moreover, the primary’s not really like a government election -- it’s a multi-stage process that doesn’t cleanly express the will of the voters as a single-day election does. And Trump didn’t even get a majority of the votes in the primary. So you can't quite argue that the convention is overturning the will of the voters, a majority of whom wanted someone else. (And still do, according to a new poll from Fox). That, I think, gives the rules committee the moral right to let delegates choose someone else, if they want.
It is not a great surprise that Trump got less than a majority of the vote, considering how many people were running. It is also irrelevant. From Wikipedia:

As we can see, Trump received the largest percentage of votes, at 44.54. The next biggest was Cruz at a comparatively measly 25.27%. I'm not sure why McArdle thinks that it would be moral to give the election to someone else just because there were more than two people running. It's not Trump's fault that the Republicans like to fill a clown car with candidates.

Who should get the nomination? Rubio, with 11.44%? That's not very moral. Perhaps the Republican party can make a Muppet man out of Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich. Then they would finally have more of the vote than Trump.

From top to bottom, Rubio (he was smallest), Kasich, and Cruz. Vote for the moral candidate(s)!


fish said...

argumentum ad convenience

Susan of Texas said...

You can't even call it misdirection; it's just too lame.

Fiddlin Bill said...

The assumption that the GOP has any basic belief in democracy is questionable, given their various previous Presidential choices, winners and losers alike. GWB, for example, was an automaton operated by Dick Cheney, who appointed himself Vice-President. They have been willing at least since the Clinton Administration to put power above all else--the Impeachment was mounted during the initial al Qaeda offensive, which included an attack on a United States Navy destroyer with loss of American military personnel. Bengazi, Bengazi, Bengazi. Smells like napalm in the morning.

Susan of Texas said...

The freedom they want is freedom from choice.