Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, May 24, 2008

K-Lo's To Serve the Lord List

1. Gas up car. (Ouch!)

2. Print out marriage license.

3. E-Mail podcasts of confessions to Father Benedictine.

4. Call dressmaker to see if alteration is finished on mom's wedding gown. Pick up wedding dress!!!!111!!!!.

5. Bouqet and boutaneer.(sp?)

6. Wedding rings. (Ouch! gold is expensive but your worth it "Mittens"!)

7. The Talk with mom. Yikes!

8. Negligee from the internet site mom used to block. Honeymoon, here I come!


zeppo said...

Well, as I have always heard, marriage is really just a state of mind. In K-Lo's instance, perhaps a totally bat shit crazy state of mind...

Where do you suppose she has her gift registry? Target? for the history of the LDS?

Susan, do you have a gift in mind?

Susan of Texas said...

I imagine K-Lo would register here. As for a present, a nice white Temple dress would probably be appropriate.

thomas said...

Should I ask how you consistently nail K-Lo?

were you raised Catholic?

Susan of Texas said...

Heh. Yes, I was converted to Catholicism when my mother remarried, although I was born a WASP. K-Lo's a familiar type to me; someone who believes with her entire heart, loves her image of God, and couldn't be more self-delusional if she tried.

K-Lo wears a metaphorical burqa, and is too stupid or afraid to realize it.