Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Retired general Ricardo Sanchez has pulled a Feif. He's written a book explaining how it really wasn't his fault after all and everything would have been fine if it weren't for those meanies who didn't listen to him.

From June 14, 2003 to July 1, 2004, the period immediately following major
combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was the commander of coalition forces,
responsible for all military activity in the Iraq theater of war. I was there
when Saddam Hussein was captured. I was there when the prisoner abuse scandal at
Abu Ghraib occurred. And I was there when low-­level enemy resistance
expanded into a massive insurgency that eventually led to full-­scale civil

Yes, you were in charge during those debacles, weren't you?

The sad saga of Abu Ghraib encapsulates the essence of America's failure in
Iraq. Abu Ghraib also represents America's initial abandonment of its commitment
to human rights and the Geneva Conventions—and an eventual return to reason. In
2004, I refused to sweep Abu Ghraib under the carpet. I still refuse to do

Jesus. America didn't sign orders, you did.

In Plutarch's Moralia, Dareios, the father of Xerxes, said that during
battle, he became more levelheaded. I know the feeling.

Go to hell.


Anonymous said...

"Abu Ghraib occurred"? That's like that old Life in Hell cartoon where Binky is sitting in the middle of a trashed-out room, saying "Mistakes were made." Only then I laughed, and now I want to hit things.

Susan of Texas said...

Moral cowards use the passive voice a lot, don't they?