Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Megan McArdle Report Today

As she has spat out a grand total of three sentences, there will be no Megan Report. Instead I will go outside and admire God's green and melodious world, where nobody is babbling that the poor are too fat and teachers are lazy leeches on society.


Anonymous said...

You've got to love the brevity of the post about the Angelina Jolie movie. "My film critic friend saw it and didn't like it."

Gee, thanks, Megan. Don't name your "film critic friend" so people know if s/he is actually reputable and not some nerd from AICN. Hell, don't even mention the title of the film. You're a real pro.

Susan of Texas said...

Why doesn't she plug her friends' work? A lot of people read her blog, and it would be the natural thing to do if you agree with a review.

Anonymous said...

Because then it wouldn't be all about her. Her sole purpose for mentioning it is to talk about her social network and the important people that encompass it, not speak of them as if they were friends and human beings.

Susan of Texas said...

That sounds right.

Anonymous said...

not speak of them as if they were friends and human beings.

Nor even THINK of them as such.

They're accessories. Name-label handbags with multi-K price tags. Tossing them around carelessly is part of the demonstration.

Susan of Texas said...

And dumping them when they are no longer useful, like Beutler.