Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, November 7, 2008


Megan McArdle has written seven posts that warn Democrats that they'll be sorry Obama was elected. Her posts reek with wrong assumptions, saying that Democrats expect Obama will magically cure all problems in the US. If a pundit is going to accuse Democrats of being both greedy and stupid, deluded idealists, she had better come up with more than an annecdote about an anonymous person in a crowd and vague accusations directed a huge, diverse group.

If McArdle wants to bash people she should start having enough courage to address people directly. Her posts are beginning to sound like the bitter, cynical whining of any number of female conservative media darlings, who claw their way into the media world through the enormous achievement of being presentable enough to go on tv but vicious enough to throw a little red meat to the audience. At least Jonah Goldberg had the stones to directly address Juan Cole. Unfortunately those stones proved to be small, useless and terminally wrong, but he was confident enough in his arrogance to try.

You're not in the majority anymore, and elections have consequences. Put up or shut up.

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