Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here There Be Monsters

Oh, dear lord. It's hideous. Unfortunately I cannot respond until much later. Oh, god. My spine is twitching. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save us.


Anonymous said...

"How I'm going to make it through the crisis: stop paying for crap I don't need." Genius advice. If only Megan bothered to peek out of the windows of her ivory tower, she might have realized that those are things regular people have to give up most of the time. And she's said she's not worried about her job security. With all the media reports about newspapers and other publications drastically cutting back staff because of a loss of advertising revenue and the like, she's an idiot if she's not at least a little concerned.

Either that, or my rather rude assumptions as to how she got and manages to maintain a job she's blatantly unqualified for are true.

vmh said...

But, but, but, I was born that way.

My goodness.


Susan of Texas said...

CP, I'm sure she has nothing to worry about. Since she is innately superior, she will never suffer as the less well-born people do.

There's always Mom and Dad.

Susan of Texas said...

Vicky, I would just chuckle merrily and be on my way, but this woman is one of David Brook's favorite "journalists" and "economists." Her opinion affects others, and they affect public policy and our actual lives. It's slightly unbelievable but true.

Megan says in her column that the 700B bailout is necessary. Brooks reads it and says she must know what she's talking about; she has degrees and writes for the Atlantic. He goes on the Sunday talk shows and tells everyone that the smart people say to support the bailout. And now we have the bailout that will support everyone but the homeowners, and McArdle has earned her paycheck and can go shopping for shoes.

Fortunately, I have spent the last 25 years arguing with lawyers and developing a mean streak. ;)