Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, June 2, 2008

Poor Megan

Poor Megan blogs a complaint about Empire-waisted dresses, and only one commenter discusses what Megan would look good wearing. They're letting her down. Here it is summer and obviously Megan's cruising the catalogues to see what will look good on her while walking down Fifth Avenue. She takes time out of her day to observe that J. Crew is tormenting her with its fashion designs, and hardly gets any feedback. Now what is Megan to do? How will she know what to wear? Everyone else is wearing Empire waist dresses but she'll look like a fashionable scarecrow if she parades around in one.

The worries of a Libertarian blogger are many. No sooner is she back from the beach than she has to face yet more difficulties. The economy is suffering, and she has anti-union posts to write. Here's another post that--

Sweet Chocolate Jesus! She didn't!

::rubs eyes::

Megan McArdle said Ann Althouse was old and ripping off her readers. First, Megan says:

Ann Althouse doesn't like the Kindle because the gray-on-gray print is too hard
for her to read....But I know a lot of older readers complained about contrast
during my previous website's brief foray into dark-gray text.... I would be
surprised if this troubles anyone under forty who isn't legally blind. But it's
a good point.

Athouse was quite pretty once, as she likes to remind her readers. She's still attractive. On the outside, at least. Megan continues:

Most bloggers have Amazon Associates accounts that generate a fairly trivial
amount of revenue. Perhaps Instapundit makes a fortune off of his, but the rest
of us--and I've had one for years--get enough money to buy a nice electronic
gadget once a year, maybe. This is hardly worth jeopardizing my relationship
with my readers, my reputation, and my salary in order to push worthless crap.
And that was the end of it.

Ha, gotcha, didn't I! From Megan's comments:

Hi, Megan. I know you can enlarge the text, but I care a lot about the
aesthetics. It just doesn't look good enough to me. I didn't say it was "too
hard" for me to read. I said I want a crisp, clear, high-contrast page because
it's easier to read. Given a choice between a Kindle and a book or my computer
screen, I never pick up the Kindle.
Posted by Ann Althouse June 1, 2008 5:26 PM
Stay turned for more. Both women don't like criticism very much, and both tend to be obsessive about it.


Anonymous said...

Actually, "most" bloggers don't have Amazon Associate accounts. Most bloggers don't even write about politics. There's Megan again, assuming her little circle of blogs represent "most" of what is out there.

I don't read Althouse very much, so I wouldn't know, but Megan's got something damn near a psychosis when it comes to being criticized. Obviously, nobody enjoys criticism, but it's almost comical the way she deals with it. It's never earned, according to her. She's either being attacked because she's a woman or because her critics "misunderstood her point."

Susan of Texas said...

Undereducated for her position, arrogant, vain and sure she's always right. Just what I like to see in a blogger!

Anonymous said...

Sophomoric analysis, posting on subjects she doesn't have a clue about, boastful tendencies, over-confidence in her abilities as a writer...if Althouse is half as bad, I'm not missing much except pain.

Susan of Texas said...

Take Megan and add 15 years, throw in some Clinton mania and an obsession with breasts, and you have Althouse.