Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Is To Laugh

Kansas Jackass laughs at Jonah Goldberg, as do we all. Jonah persists in stating that fascism and socialism are the same thing, and that means liberals, who are all socialist, are fascist. And why does Jonah make such a statement? Because the Nazis had the word "Socialist" in its name. That is the level of his intellectual achievement. He even wrote a book about it and no, it isn't a coloring book, although it is close.

One other interesting thing happens. In the comments Kansas Jackass laughs at the conservative antics, and one accuses him of being angry. The same thing happens at Eschaton. Atrios notes the right thinks the left is angry at Joe the Plumber, when we are just laughing at the whole situation. Our Megan McArdle has also remarked on her angry liberal critics, not quite noticing the sound of laughter wafting from their/our blogs. It's an odd use of denial, but it's what happens when people are terrified of being the butt of jokes, of someone seeing through the image of infallible success they try to project. It's why the despise the poor and eccentric; they are losers who are nonetheless threatening because they are different.

Want some proof? Jonah Goldberg found out what the internet was saying about him and elevated a small blog to prominence so he could complain that someone was mean to him and doesn't even know that Hitler was a liberal, the big old stupidhead.


Anonymous said...

That's their perpetual defense: their critics are just irrationally angry, emotive, anti-intellectuals who aren't anywhere near as smart as they are. People like Megan get the added bonus of saying it's just because she's a woman. They have no need to improve and grow as human beings. They are conservatives. They have achieved the perfect state of morality and intelligence and have nothing to learn from their critics. Every last one can simply be dismissed as dumb, jealous, and wrong.

What a miserable way to go through life. I don't hate them. I pity them.

Susan of Texas said...

In Jonah's case you know he's just too lazy to think for himself, so he does whatever everyone else is doing. He doesn't even have to justify his decisions because so many conservatives are told at birth that their parents' way of doing everything is the only good way. Just ook at their total denial of the failure of their ideals and policies.

Jason said...

I certainly appeciated Mr. Goldberg's attention- he's upped my hit count just as I was trying to convince my state legislative leaders blogs, even local ones, can have national impacts in the right situations.

Point proven by hordes of history revisionists. :-)

Thank you, too for the shout out!