Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, January 2, 2009

So Close, And Yet So Far

Megan McArdle writes a post on the Israeli/Palestine conflict that is not entirely wrong and stupid. However she ruins the effect with a few sentences of stupid:
On the other side, there's a tendency to forget, or forget to mention, that
whatever the provocation, a plurality-to-majority of Palestinians constantly and
actively wish to kill large numbers of Israelis purely for revenge. Gaza
wants to be at war with Israel, and then hide behind the protections of
not-quite-war, because they haven't the foggiest hope of winning anything like a
real war.

"Gaza" is people, most of whom probably would rather go to work, come home and play with the kids, and sleep peacefully in their own beds. I doubt they want war, and those who do probably want war so they can have a home some day. McArdle can't see people as people, because that would mean that she is one among equals, not a Special Elite among lesser mortals.

She was so close. Maybe one day she'll start editing and come up with a decent post that won't make people cringe in embarrassment for her.

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