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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Awkward Silence

Quickly, as I have work to do.

Megan McArdle makes a joke about the death of journalism, her ostensible profession. I doubt her friends losing jobs are laughing. McArdle can afford to be callous because her job is provided by an extremely wealthy man. Next she says we're giving Europe a free ride and "we should rub it in a bit more." She speculates if she missed calling a bottom, and walks it back in the next post about unemployment. Good thing she didn't risk being wrong! Finally McArdle makes another joke about people being out of jobs, and praises a journalist only respected by people who were entirely wrong about the economic crises.

I wonder what her recently-jobless "housemate" thinks about all the unemployment cracks.


Chad said...

True to McArdle, her joke about unemployed journalists isn't even that good or original and is capped off by a really bad typo.

clever pseudonym said...

Rub it in a bit more? That's nice of Megan. Promoting borish American boasting about how much richer we are than other countries. I guess that's not any different than her personal borish boasting about her own background.

Ken Houghton said...

Given that trend, we can clearly tell who will replace Ross Douchebag at The Atlantic(Peter S.).

What good is crony capitalism if it can't make McMegan richer even as she understands less and less?

Susan of Texas said...

It must be incredibly frustrating for Megan to support policies that were supposed to make her rich but set her back years instead.


I started reading Suderman's reviews. He's like an old man, telling the kids to get off his movie screen.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give journalists a little credit and assume that they're thick-skinned enough to withstand a mild offhand joke about their collapsing industry from a friend.

Susan of Texas said...

Boyfriend, dear. Mates should be treated with a little more consideration than a colleague..