Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy, Back Soon

Heh, this isn't the first time Megan McArdle has scampered off on "vacation" after setting off a firestorm. I'd link but today is busy, so I'll hunt for those instances later. McArdle shouldn't worry. The right is full of people who love to discuss minutia instead of the larger, uglier picture: Our ruling class has gutted our economy, and Republicans and their enablers cheered them on the entire time. People like Megan McArdle want you to be angry at Andrews so you will not be angry with them.


ChicagoEd said...

He co-worker, Conor Clarke, and as far as I can tell the only other person who officially "works" at her business channel, has no idea whether Megan's on vacation or not. You'd think Megan, as an editor, would let people know who's in charge in case, say, a big story breaks over the weekend.

Susan of Texas said...

If she's avoiding the situation she's very foolish. She could easily come out on top of this situation because she is right about Andrews and a lot of people are fed up with the Times, for good and bad reasons.

Life is so strange and funny. Both the Times and McArdle are part of the elite yet are now bickering over petty details. And the Times had their little revenge, slapping down McArdle by referring to her as "a blogger from The Atlantic."


Downpuppy said...

With Clark Hoyt getting slapped silly for semi-defending Andrews, Dowd & Friedman, the Times may have to offer up a sacrifice. It'll most likely be Andrews, but really, all 3 are worthless.

Susan of Texas said...

I think they'll have to pry Dowd out of there with a crow-bar.

Downpuppy said...

Or just lure her out with Old Crow at the bar.