Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Shorter Richard Cohen: Just because Cheney lied about war and silenced his critics doesn't mean that we shouldn't listen to him lie about war and try to silence his critics. That would be unfair.

Shorter Kathryn Jean Lopez: Telling teen girls about their bodies and sexual feelings will turn them into sluts.


clever pseudonym said...

Lopez infuriates me. She claims it's wrong for Judy Blume to "exploit the Hallmark holiday for political advocacy." However, it is perfectly fine for Lopez herself to exploit the pain of women who have had abortions that they later regretted for political advocacy.

What a disgusting person.

Susan of Texas said...

She's so out of date too. Blume was shocking the little old ladies in the 70s.

Chad said...

Would you knowingly hand your third or fourth grader a guide to self-arousal?I think it's adorable that K-Lo sincerely believes that children need instructions and encouragement to experiment with masturbation.