Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Assumptions

Well, that was interesting. Megan is having problems using her new inhaler. Since Megan has problems doing anything of a practical nature I'm not too surprised, but I'm afraid I have assumptions as well; I assume that Megan is using the inhaler wrong. I assume she is stupid, so I assume she has done a stupid thing. But my assumption might be wrong. Shame on me! It seems there's a possibility that the drug companies put a new, less effective inhaler on the market just to make more money. A drug company, harming people to make a buck! How can that be?

I thought Megan said corporations have the competition of the marketplace to monitor them and keep them from committing harmful acts? That drug companies charge high prices because of all the research and development they do? When it seems that they might just be jacking with people's health and well-being to make a fast buck. I don't know if this is true without more research (which I won't do), but I will try to keep an open mind in the future, and remember that just because a person is blindly ideological, tongue-baths the rich, doesn't really understand her field, and is too lazy to research, it doesn't mean she's never right.


ChciagoEd said...

I stopped reading Megan's comments since they aren't funny anymore. Rob Lyman's a douchebag. But this doctor nailed Megan. Great catch.

Kathy said...

Trouble with "Enlightened Self-Interest" is: how many people are enlightened? 0, that's how many.

Righteous Bubba said...

Well, let's say Megan dies and whoever cares about her sues the manufacturer of the inhaler and wins.

Megan will now have a better inhaler to purchase!

Mr. Wonderful said...

What do the libertarians and Friedmanites think would happen in a completely unregulated pharmacological environment? That self-regulating pharma companies could be trusted not to put dangerous or bogus drugs on the market?

Seriously. It "kills" me that the very people who proclaim themselves the most "realistic" have the most idealized, fantastical notions of how people and corporations behave in pursuit of profit.

M. Bouffant said...

If you wimpy lib's could just stop demanding instant gratification like the whiny two year olds you are [pause for breath] you'd be adult about it & realize that we have to wait a few years for the markets to sort themselves out.

A few deaths or permanent damage is a small price to pay for the purity & freedom of the markets.

Susan of Texas said...

I'm sure we'll hear McArdle's response to the allegation regarding the drug companies' actions any minute now.

Any second.


Anonymous said...

You obviously don't have asthma, and aren't struggling with the reality of using these cr..y non-CFC inhalers.
My allergist told me that all of her patients hate them, everyone I know who has asthma hates them.
They don't work well, they don't deliver the dosage properly, they deposit irritating propellants inside the mouth, so awful that they cause burning tongue syndrome (yes, that's real), they have to be washed way too often.

Since none of you seem to have any idea what you're talking about, I would suggest that you consider the person you seem to delight in ridiculing may occasionally have a point.

I only came here because of a link in a blog I respect. Sure won't come back again.

Susan of Texas said...

Read again; I say that "there's a possibility that the drug companies put a new, less effective inhaler on the market just to make more money." I delight in ridiculing McArdle for other reasons.