Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, May 1, 2009

Less Tall Megan

Shorter Megan: Poor, innocent Chrysler was badly run by the UAW.

(Is this era of being robbed by the upper class over yet? Can we get to the pitchforks now?)

Shorter Megan II: Bankers, who are the smartest, best educated, hardest working people in the room, are hapless victims of the economic crises that we somehow happen to have found ourselves in.

Shorter, III: Universal health care is bad because we don't have enough doctors to help everyone. And if it's free, everyone will misuse the system. I know this because I am an Oracle of the Gods, or because it's what I would do.

Less Short Shorter, IV:

Maxine Waters is crazy to ask banks why they are increasing credit card fees and cutting credit limits when they are getting bailout funds!

[Megan] My bank is raising my credit card fees and I bet they'll want more bailout money too!


satch said...

"Poor, innocent Chrysler" has been the auto company equivalent of the town fuckup for decades. In the '60s, when Detroit was cobbling together the ugliest cars on the face of the Earth, Chrysler's were the most grotesque. Partnering with a foreign auto company might seem like a good idea now, but Chrysler tried it with Simca in the '70s, Mitsubishi in the '80s, Daimler in the '90s, and now Fiat, and none of those enterprises worked. Three years ago, when the market was crying out for more fuel efficient cars, Chrysler re-issued three of it's muscle cars, the Charger, the Challenger, and the 300. Anyone (Meghan, I'm talking to you) who thinks that all of America's financial woes would be fixed if only we'd all just shut up and get out of the way of the geniuses in the corporate boardrooms need only look at Chrysler to see just how wrong that idea is.

Susan of Texas said...

We ask ourselves how can people like McArdle be so wrong so often, but it's pretty obvious that they ignore anything they don't want to see.