Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gossip Column

Megan McArdle is wrong again, poor thing, and Andrew Sullivan corrects her. Barry Ritholtz discusses the same subject in reference to a Paul Krugman column. McArdle is making quite a career of responding incorrectly to others without actually mentioning whom she's talking about. It's the new parlor game on the Snark--who wrote the post that set McArdle off? It's like nothing happens in her world unless Matt and Kevin and Amity discuss it first.


clever pseudonym said...

And, as usual, Sullivan misunderstood her point.

Susan of Texas said...

But he did get in a good zinger--"this faux world-weary, pox-on-both-your-houses excuse-making for one of the most fiscally reckless presidencies in history won't play."

Anonymous said...

Sullivan misses what's MOST wrong about what she says: "...piling up a wad of cash...". Paying down the debt is NOT piling up a wad of cash. Since even she has the minimum intelligence required to understand this, she's being about intellectually dishonest as is humanly possible.

Susan of Texas said...

In Sullivan's defense,it's impossible to cover every wrong statement in one of her posts.

I have to wonder about the mentality of someone who hired Sullivan, McArdle, Goldberg, and the rest of the merry gang. Whoever it was has an uncanny eye for opportuism and self-love.