Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, June 15, 2009


Megan McArdle writes to inform us that she will not write on the Iran election, as she knows nothing about Iran. (Or elections.) She repeats the same thing everyone else has said; news bureaus have been cutting costs.

McArdle marvels that the government can impose its will on the market and the market prosper anyway. This failure puts libertarian cred into question, she muses. McArdle does not move to the next question--if libertarian, capitalist, and Republican policies often fail, perhaps it would be a good idea to rethink one's current career path of propping up these policies.

McArdle is deeply disturbed by the government's actions in the Delphi bankruptcy. Again, McArdle doesn't ask the obvious questions. When a Democratic government manipulates and steals she is all agitation, but when the same people under a Republican government do the same thing, it's just capitalism at work. She is a born mark--she deceives herself, saving everyone else the trouble.

Heh. McArdle rants about women with expensive weddings. You can always tell what is wafting through her cranium because it ends up on her blog, in one way or another. She's positively Althousian.*

*Hi, Ann!


clever pseudonym said...

Since when has unfamiliarity with a subject kept Megan from writing about it?

Susan of Texas said...


So far she's posted on having babies, wedding rings and big weddings. Any minute now we'll have a post on pre-nuptial agreements.

Downpuppy said...

But will she forget to register for wedding gifts?

Susan of Texas said...

No, I'm sure that will be taken care of. The license--that might be a bit more difficult. For instance, maybe she got married in Pennsylvania when she was in college and now can't get married. Will she have to put Young Mr. Suderman in the garage for a few months?

I just hope her mom doesn't run into him.

Downpuppy said...


Is there nothing so simple that she cant turn it into a clusterfuck?

Susan of Texas said...

Have you seen her macaroni and cheese recipe?

brad said...

I am not Ann Althouse.

Susan of Texas said...

Pretty soon Ann Althouse won't be Ann Althouse either. But maybe she'll keep her name. She has all those blog alerts already set up, after all.