Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Government Is Composed Of Two Branches

Yes, Megan Mcardle did just say that the Supreme Court was illegitimate. And to complete the Trifecta of Incendiary Topics, she dragged Israel into her discussion of abortion and slavery.

Pushing aside all the verbiage, McArdle believes that abortion is a matter of passing a law that makes abortion legal before the fetal cells become a person and illegal after. All further stupidity flows from this. Judging by this and her explanation of the political process, I'm guessing McArdle knows absolutely nothing about the government, quite an achievement considering what she does and where she lives, and isn't exactly sure about reproductive science either.

McArdle is perfectly understandable as long as you realize that all you are getting is the passing thoughts of a person who sees no need to think when she has such fine instincts.

ADDED: No, McArdle, you're wrong. Try looking up facts instead of pulling them out of your ass.


Downpuppy said...

I assume that your update was about

As an empirical matter, I believe that national health care is going to kill a lot more people every year than the Iraq War when fully realized."empirical" & "believe" should never be that close together, but in the context of her clueless wandering through the abortion wilderness, the return to her regular clown show is almost reassuring.

She is demonstrably, incurably, utterly, moronically, empirically wrong, of course.

clever pseudonym said...

"Yet, as I understand it, the women's centers that provide abortions pair them with one-on-one education about how not to have this happen again."

As she understands it. Hey, Megan? Try calling a clinic or talking to women who have had abortions and not just making pronouncements based on what you think happens. No, actually, there is no "one-on-one education" at most clinics. At best, they'll give you a flyer, if that.

God, she really is just shockingly obtuse and intellectually arrogant.

Chad said...

"As an empirical matter, I believe that national health care is going to kill a lot more people every year than the Iraq War when fully realized."

You want "empirical", Megan? Look up some statistics on how many people wind up in serious debt because of our current system or some facts on how people with treatable illnesses or injuries become worse because they can't afford even a brief stay in a hospital.

Since I know ideologically you're compelled to ignore such data, you could also actually look at how national health care systems work to back up what you "believe." After all, we're the only industrial country left that doesn't have such a system. It would be easy! Just pick and choose whatever suits your viewpoint best.

I know I've said this before here and on FMM, but...Jesus Christ, Megan would have seemed incompetent and lazy twenty years ago. Now with the Internet and resources like Google, Lexis Nexis, and JSTOR literally at one's fingertips it's unbelievable just how research-phobic she is.

clever pseudonym said...

Another thing about Megan's comment and I'll shut up - her elitism really shines through there. She's making this ridiculous assumption that "education" is needed for women who have abortions because the only reason they are in that situation is because they didn't understand how or why they got pregnant. I can just see her imagining some tiny bungalow classroom where a guy in a white coat with a pointer gestures to a medical chart for his ignorant students. "You see, when you put a penis in a vagina..." These women don't need education. They know why they got pregnant and they knew how to prevent it. There are a million reasons why each one didn't.

And she writes about the subject as if all abortions only occured in clinics for the poor. Like wealthy women don't have them in private hospitals discretely all the time. She claims she's pro-choice, but every thought she expresses reveals noting but disdain for the women who are faced with having one.

Susan of Texas said...

I keep finding more wrong comments in her recent posts.

"By the time you need a constitutional amendment, you don't have access to the normal political process."

Susan of Texas said...

CP--you're right. She assumes that abortions are done multiple times by (immoral) poor women because of her prejudices.