Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, June 1, 2009

Phew! That Was Close

Thank goodness that Playboy, which has an article up listing the ten sexiest conservative women, didn't pick Megan McArdle as one of its hotties. The article is vulgar and rampantly sexist, not to mention politcally vicious, although that's not why McArdle said she disliked it--her criticism was that it wasn't funny.

I'm not sure "I'd do that!" is supposed to be funny, but that reason is as good as any.


ChicagoEd said...

I think something happens to Megan on vacation, probably sunstroke, because whenever she comes back she's doing something incredibly stupid. All of her posts today are sick and stupid: GM's a terrible, twisted company that deserves to die; something about how prisoners affect the economy (probably badly--I can't read Megan's writing about economic issues, it's like reading a term paper); how she and her old boyfriend (Hello, Peter!) used to go to garage sales to buy old porn magazines and read them; then the piece de resistance, how it's okay to kill abortion doctors, assuming you meet Megan's criteria for when it's necessary and when it's not--everyone else can go scratch. Notice Megan's use of the F-word today? In the Atlantic? And this is one of their editors?

The best Megan news of the day, though, is that I came across a foodie website called The Internet Food Association, and it's got all these DC (and beyond) bloggers like Spackerman and Ezra--all Megan's good friends--contributing, but no Megan. None. Wonder why? I don't think the club will let poor old Ms. mac n' cheese in. Too bad.

clever pseudonym said...

I just can't believe she typed "srsly." It's the Atlantic, Megan. Not [beep] Twitter.

Susan of Texas said...

She's definitely on a roll, isn't she? It's like she's trying to cram as much wrongness into her blog as possible.