Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lesser Megan

We have to eat our vegetables before we get to dessert.

Shorter Megan McArdle:

How Not to Negotiate a Tax Deal in Two Easy Steps: Since progressive bitter enders have never negotiated anything, this is what they do: ask for something utterly impossible [like the kind of health care system every other major industrialized nation has] and act crazy. [It is nice to see that McArdle has moved on and no longer feel obligated to show any civility. It must have been killing her.]

Credit Card Companies Seeking to Expand Lending?: My credit limit doubled which is good, but more poor people are getting credit, which is bad.

Judge Rules Health Reform Mandate Unconstitutional: Nyah, nyah, told you so--any changes in health care status quo will kill medicine. [Our medical system will always be perfect until McArdle can no longer afford it.]

The Mysteries of Public Opinion: Dear me, I have no idea why people are worried about a cut in taxes that could undermine Social Security even though the article I link to gives that reason, as my commenters tell me.

Aren't We All a Bit Corrupt?: American bankers seem much less corrupt when you compare them to foreigners.

Columbia Eminent Domain Case Will Not Be Heard: Eminent domain favors the rich over the less fortunate. [True of course but it's a bit rich to see her worry about the immoral elite.]

Setting a Regulatory Budget: Most regulations are stupid. We should let the profit motive determine how many endangered animals are hunted. [I recommend the whole thing. It's mind-bogglingly juvenile.]

The Gift Guide review will be coming later. The milk warmer and frother she mentions is actually a great thing to have, but I am confident that the rest will not disappoint.


Ken Houghton said...

The Penn/U. Chicago alumnae complaining about Columbia University in the City of New York's "privileged students" is classic.

Now we know where McMegan didn't get in as an undergrad or a B-school applicant.

Clever Pseudonym said...

The endagered species post wasn't just juvenile; it was stupid, ignorant and wrong. We already have a lot of regulations? Does that mean we should stop researching cures for cancer or HIV because we already have tons of cures for other things?

I'm trying to wait for the Snark review of the gift guide before reading Megan's post itself, but I feel like a kid trying to hold out for Christmas morning instead of peeking in the closet where mom and dad have hidden the unwrapped presents...

Aimai said...

Sometimes I remind myself of that weird campaign moment when George Bush senior was asked "what he'd been thinking" as his plane augured in during WWII--he claimed he'd been thinking about "the separation of church and state." All of America laughed. However, I was just careering through the streets of my little town brooding about the inability of right wingers to grasp that deregulation is just a form of "cost shifting" from one person or company to everyone else. I was driving behind a truck that was spewing black exhaust and thinking--we have regulations to prevent this because when trucks are dirty and spew this stuff in the air I and everyone else pays for it in decreased health and enjoyment. There can even be a monetary cost. But whatever the form of reckoning there's a cost. McMegan et al only imagine the cost *to* the company, not the social and economic cost to everyone else.


DocAmazing said...

any changes in health care status quo will kill medicine

...just like home taping killed music!

Belvoir said...

From her "Commerce Clause" post today:

"..what can't the government force you to do?

This doesn't seem to be a question that interests progressives; they just aren't very excited about economic liberty beyond maybe the freedom to operate a food truck. "

She is unbearable. Dumb and nasty.

Anonymous said...

Now we know where McMegan didn't get in as an undergrad or a B-school applicant.

That generated a much-needed belly laugh. Thanks !


bulbul said...

I'm trying to wait for the Snark review of the gift guide before reading Megan's post itself,
Me too. I'm seriously considering making it another pre-Christmas tradition.