Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A cookie a day keeps the McArdle away!

Megan McArdle has written yet another ignorant post about teachers; she still seems to thing that teacher quality is the only factor in student success and utterly ignores home life and economic status. Tom Levenson does a great job addressing the subject here, in response to some Conor Friedersdorf stupidity.

A commenter tries to explain that the free market system of education will harm a lot of kids but it passes right over the heads of McArdle and her fans; if tens of thousands of kids have to suffer to hand over education to corporate control, then so be it.


Tom Levenson said...

Oy. She's at it again.

Oh for a John Foster Dulles to deal with her...

Unknown said...

what happens if the bottom 5-8% of bloggers are stopped from blogging? How much would that improve the present value of future earnings of blog readers.

My McEstimate is 11.2 Trillion quatloons

Substance McGravitas said...

A commenter tries to explain that the free market system of education will harm a lot of kids

Obviously people without money will be able to buy themselves a fine education.

Susan of Texas said...

The right isn't going to stop chipping away at public services until they have eliminated them. They seem to be utterly confident that they'll never have to worry about any consequences for eliminating the safety net.

But they never do look at the downside of policies they like.

Anonymous said...

Its just sort of jaw dropping--they want to bring back the chaotic, anti-worker, anti-citizen, inhumane world that my great grandparents came to in 1899. They came here and instantly joined the labor movement, the various worker's movements, and started right in trying to improve things for everyone. I can't believe that we've come so far in a mere century that the descendants and heirs of that struggle are willingly throwing it all away at the behest of the wealthiest class--and patting themselves on the back for being so clever as to do so.