Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ask Susan!

Dear Susan,

What would happen if Citi and Bank of America were to fail?


Broke and Mad

Dear Broke and Mad,

Good question. I have no idea.

Regards, Susan

Special DVD Bonus Material from the comments:
As to my "friends in finance" . . . sigh. The belief that everyone who writes anything except "first let's string up all the bankers" must simply be protecting their trust fund/rich friends/shadowy conspiracy employers is inutterably ridiculous. I have more friends in liberal academia and the liberal wonkosphere than I do currently turning the wheels of commerce on Wall Street.

Oddly, I believe her. She's exactly like the housewife in Dayton or Dallas or Duluth who thinks that by supporting conservatives, somehow--magically!--part of their wealth will rub off on her. We know she doesn't have many banker friends because the bankers she does talk to all lied to her.


Anonymous said...

Idiot. Walls Street greases the wheels of commerce, it doesn't turn them. More proof that her core, fundamental concepts are warped.

Anonymous said...

I see, a triumphant declaration that she doesn't hang out with people that work on Wall Street is proof that she has no reason whatsoever, personal or professional, for defending them? Please. Her very livelihood depends on them. She's got nerve being uppity that anyone would suspect her motives.

Susan of Texas said...

Her entire sympathy is with them and we're not supposed to notice? Right.