Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, March 5, 2009

They're Talking About You Too

Andrew Sullivan sneers at Bush and quotes an article about cognition in the devout:

"We found that religious people or even people who simply believe in the existence of God show significantly less brain activity in relation to their own errors. They're much less anxious and feel less stressed when they have made an error."

The adorable thing about Andrew Sullivan is that he never realizes that the nasty things he thinks about other religious people are the same things non-religious people think about him. He talks as if calling himself a Christian intellectual actually means he is a thinking, reasoning man.


Julia said...

Oh, dear.

What on earth did you expect from Andrew Sullivan? This is a man who was willing to brainstorm the elimination of coastal liberals because they might be against his pet war - who left his party, and his war, in the deep wounded shock that followed his discovery that the kind of gay men his leadership disapproves of and want to marginalize and exclude are _the kind that have sex with other men_

Because of course up to that point, he was convinced it was just those other bad-behaving don't vote right unchurchy gay men they were talking about.

This actually shocked him. At some point, I had to give him emeritus status for the Claude Rains awards when he went into the double digits.

Susan of Texas said...

It's a wonder anyone takes him even a little seriously--he's able to believe utterly contradictory things at the same time.