Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Breaking! Megan not Dead!

After copious review and study, and weeks spent coughing delicately into her handkerchief, Megan McArdle is back, doing what she does best--posting quotes and restating their main idea. All that synthesis will pop up later, I'm sure.

It's a sort of interesting quandary for libertarians, and indeed most proponents of regulation, who want the government to enhance transparency. In this case, the government is specifically fighting to keep the market from getting information about whose balance sheets are shakiest. And I'm not sure they're wrong.
Since Megan has a difficult time understanding human actions, I'll point it out for her. Her ideas have been proven problematic, and idle musings on that "interesting quandary" make her look even less serious than usual. Fortunately her boss doesn't seem to notice whether or not she's alive, let alone know what she writes.

Speaking of pop, McArdle writes an extremely gracious congratulations to Paul Krugman, the "populizer" of "popular work" "such as Pop Internationalism." Except she can't actually bring herself to congratulate him.

But though the timing may have been political, the prize is well deserved,
indeed overdue, as plenty of other commenters have noted. I would offer my
congratulations if I thought that the good professor cared to get them.
What does a temple priestess do after her gods are no longer worshipped? The invisible hand of the agora isn't always kind.


Anonymous said...

"I would offer my congratulations if I thought that the good professor cared to get them."

The absurdity of how pretentious that sentence is aside, I'll give her credit for at least admitting that Krugman doesn't give a damn what she writes or thinks.

Susan of Texas said...

That makes two of them.

Anonymous said...

I would offer my congratulations if I thought that the good professor cared to get them.

Delusions of grandeur once again. As if Krugman knows exactly who she is, up there on her self-made pedestal, and would therefore sniff at her or turn his back if she were to grudgingly raise her Mimosa glass in his general direction.

Just go ahead and "offer your congratulations," you snotty little twit. For once actually exhibit some of that class you spend so many preening sentences trying to convince us you have.

See, Krugman has that kind of class, Megan, the kind you apparently can't approach even with the head start of a polite education. So if you WERE to unbend your skinny neck and graciously congratulate him, he would be gentlemanly and pleased to accept, even from such as you.

brad said...

Ehh, I bet Krugman has heard of her. I doubt he thinks of her, ever, but he's probably heard, at some point, about how The Atlantic has been debasing itself in his field.

Susan of Texas said...

Poor Megan. She's abused Krugman too much to use his rise to even greater fame to ride his coattails. The liberal tide is rising and she can't afford to be left behind.