Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, October 31, 2008

Socialist Nightmare

Some people fear the coming election of Barack "Jesus" Obama will send this country on a path to socialist ruin. Tonight, their nightmare will come true as hordes of socialists will flood the country, seeking by brute force to redistribute wealth from the middle class and wealthy to those who have no money, do not pay Social Security, and would not even be Americans if they were not born to parents of this country. They depend on the those who actually make money for everything, demanding to be fed, educated, entertained, clothed, and given transportation, in return for nothing at all. They don't work or contribute anything; they are the biggest leaches ever to suck the wealth of a country dry.

Who are these scofflaws, these drains on the country's welfare? Children. They contribute nothing and demand everything. And tonight they will go from house to house, demanding that the homeowner give them the sugary fruits of their hard labor. Did these "children" earn that candy? No! They simply will take it from you, redistributing your candy from your own front porch or living room into their own pockets. They might even bring sacks to carry away the spoils of their thefts. Don't let it happen to you. Tell those little socialist bastards to buy their own candy, or go live in Europe!


Anonymous said...

Even worse, if you do not fulfill their demands for these sweets, they will commit terrorist acts of vandalism against your home with near-deadly amounts of toilet paper. I understand that, if Obama is elected, we can expect this pagan ritual to happen every year!

Susan of Texas said...

Fortunately, Sarah Palin was able to take out this socialist before he could redistribute any more wealth.