Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, October 10, 2008

Run Away, Cindy

It deeply grieves me to report that Kathryn Jean Lopez might be a fickle little tramp. After swearing undying love loyalty to "Mittens" Romney, her wandering eyes have lighted upon the unwary John McCain.

I've always thought you can always tell a lot about a campaign through the eyes of the loving wife of the candidate. One Super Tuesday night in Boston, I was feet away from the Romneys as he talked about taking it to the convention. He was telling you the truth, he hadn't decided to drop out yet. But you knew, even if he hadn't made the call yet, that he'd not be in the race by week's end. You could see it in Mrs. Romney's eyes.

Right now I'm watching John McCain in Wisconsin. Cindy McCain has intense worry in her eyes. I wish we could all take the weekend off as a country and come back Monday ready to have a serious election. I bet Mrs. McCain would agree.

That reminds me of a song....

When I look in your eyes,
I see the wisdom of the world in your eyes
I see the sadness of a thousand goodbyes
When I look in your eyes

And it is no surprise,
to see the softness of the moon in your eyes
The gentle sparkle of the stars in your eyes
When I look in your eyes

In your eyes, I see the deepness of the sea
I see the deepness of the love
The love I feel you feel for me

Autumn comes, summer dies
I see the passing of the years in your eyes
And when we part there will be no tears no goodbyes
I'll just look into your eyes

Those eyes, so wise
So warm, so real
How I love the world, your eyes reveal.


Anonymous said...

"I've always thought you can always tell a lot about a campaign through the eyes of the loving wife of the candidate."

I'm allergic to the NRO, so I can't click the link you provided, but please tell me this was one of your parodies? Is she serious? K-Lo, do you think that maybe some of these people got to this level of politics by acting phoney and learning how to fake it in front of crowds? That's like saying you can tell a lot about a playwright based on how well the actors deliver their lines.

Susan of Texas said...

Those really are K-Lo's words. She has rougly the same attitude as a member of a freshman pep squad.

zeppo said...

Well, I could always tell what my college roomate was thinking by looking in his eyes. It was something along the lines of "I am going to heave all over your shoes if you don't get out of my way and let me get to the bathroom, RIGHT NOW!'

It's remarkable what you can tell by subtle body language. Sort of like Bush reading Putin's soul. If an ex-KGB chief can have a soul, that is.

Hey Susan... On a totally non-political subject, it appears that you have a pretty good hand at Blogger. I mean, not being just a snarky blog person, I mean, Blogger, the Entity. I am having a bit of a problem as was wondering if someone (perhaps you) might shed a little light on this. Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, rather than repeat myself here...

If not, that's O.K. too. Just a thought.

My addy is greggbartley 'at' if you might like to give it a crack.

Susan of Texas said...

Zeppo, I read about your problem on your blog and I'm afraid I don't know how to help. My appearance of competence is decieving.

zeppo said...

Thanks for looking. Just thought I would give it a shot. I'm hopeless when it comes to computer or computer based issues.