Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Blessings

I'm not sure why (necrobuckleyphilia?), but the Corner publishes articles by Catholic priests occasionally. They are often about abortion or materialism, and this one's a twofer.

An honest analysis, in the end, will confirm that it is simplistic in the extreme to claim that the current financial meltdown in the United States was simply brought upon us by Wall Street greed. This crisis is, in large part, the result of something much more profuse: a collective chink in our American armor, a flaw in our fabric, a cultural deficit. In the end we have, all of us, built our houses, if not completely, at least partially, on the sand of a materialism, instant gratification, and over-consumption. I don’t believe most people seek money as their ultimate end in life; but the pursuit of comfort and status comes close to that at times and in many ways is even worse. Far too many Americans have built their houses on sand.

An economic crisis like the present means that millions of Americans will experience negative, discomforting and, in many cases, dire consequences. But no expert I know of is suggesting the crisis will reach bread-line proportions. And even it if did, the suffering of such consequences comes nowhere close to the moral gravity of human beings directly targeting and destroying the lives of 50 million unborn babies as has been the case under America’s abortion-on-demand regime.

What is your future and your children's future compared to saving unwanted babies? So what if you are suffering; you have too much anyway, and what about the unborn babies? You deserve to suffer because you're afraid of suffering discomfort which makes you forget about saving the suffering babies.

If I didn't know better I'd say the priests are jealous that God gave the ability to procreate to women and not men, and they will never know the joy and pride and deep connection to one's growing child. Suck it up, dudes. You may wear the skirts but we are God's Chosen.

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