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Monday, November 3, 2008

Elephant in the Room

Right now at the Corner:

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Elephant in the Room

Oh, honey, you're the editor, you could have chosen a different title. I know you don't get it, but that snickering you hear isn't because you're an amusing writer.

And, like Death follows Dick Cheney, more stupid follows with K-Lo. Naturally it's all about the fetus, and she's been filled with holy pride that Trig Palin's parents chose to have a child with Down syndrome, and is horrified that some people dislike Palin's choice.

Whatever you think, frankly, of Sarah Palin’s suitability for the office of vice president, to see Trig is a good thing for America. Before this election, most Americans did not know that upwards of 90 percent of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are never born. Now we know. Now we can offer more support to our friends and neighbors living with this challenge. Now we can do something to make sure we let people know they have our support before they eliminate a child who can
bring them great joy, amidst the challenge.

Okay, Lopez, you do that. Since every time I see Trig he's being held by his sister Bristol and she's about to be holding her own baby, Palin is going to need a new nurse for the baby. Show your support, Lopez. Put your actions where you mouth is. But remember, people are not babies for long. Volunteer to care for adults with Downs, too. Their parents would surely love to have a break. Once a week would be good, I think. I'm sure you'll rush out and do that very thing, as soon as you're finished your endless parade of posts sobbing and wheezing over Teh Fetus and its priestly protectors.

Alice Miller said she didn't understand love until she had a child with Downs. That love can be yours, too. You keep saying these are God's people, that their lives are a gift--why won't you share it with them? Or are you all talk, when it's your life and not someone else's? Is the choice that Sarah Palin was given by the Supreme Court and which she made in private between her doctor, husband, and herself only available for people who agree with you? Isn't that pretty fascist--to insist that everyone who agrees with you is "free to choose," but everyone who disagrees with you must accept your choice?

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