Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, November 7, 2008

Q. E. D.

Megan McArdle's statement:
The attribution of the late 1990s boom to Clinton is magical thinking of the first order.

Megan McArdle's proof:
I cannot think of anything significant that Bill Clinton did to make my life better.

Context here.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Every time I think she's written her dumbest post yet, someone directs me to drivel like this.

"But there were people on CNN declaring that Obama was going to lower the price of gasoline and pay their mortgage if they couldn't afford it, lower their tax bill and raise their wages, and presumably, make them taller, smarter, and get the chickweed out of their hair."

I realize this was yet another of Megan's feeble attempts at humor, but I haven't seen, read, or heard one person even coming close to saying anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Hey! don't make fun of the Horsey Elf. It can't be easy to be seven feet tall with a face like that.

Susan of Texas said...

Where would the right be without strawmen?