Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, November 7, 2008

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This is from a comment by conradg made on a post by Daniel Larison quoted by John Cole then mentioned by Crooks and Liars and lifted by me. I'm exhausted.

From the comments at Larison’s:
It’s not as if Republicans have set a high bar of knowledge, expertise, judgment, and accomplishment [for their candidates]. Their “high bar” is all about theatrical performance and nerve, both of which Palin has in abundance.

There’s a reason for this. Any candidate with real intelligence, judgment, and expertise would not support the policies of the Republican party platform, plain and simple. As long as those basic policies remain unchanged, the candidates who will succeed must be able to practice deep denial while acting with full confidence in their righteousness. This means the qualifications to be the GOP nominee are mostly ones of psychological imbalance and theatrical skill. To change that situation, the entire policy agenda of the Republican party would have to change, and that simply isn’t going to happen.


Anonymous said...

Just think about it: Here are the most recent Republican presidents in reverse chronological order: a dry-drunk, oil-besotted, neurolinguistically challenged, God-talks-to-me jerk; a neurolinguistically challenged, oil-besotted, CIA-beholden WASP twit; a Reader's Digest-worshipping, Alzheimer's-addled grade B actor perpetually living out a dusty old Warner Brothers movie script; and a paranoid, heavy drinking, rat-fucking Quaker. And the rat-fucking Quaker was the best of the lot.

Susan of Texas said...

M. Bouffant, It was very amusing to watch Matthew Yglesias slip quietly out of the side door of the Atlantic, and all the last-minute McCain defectors such as Chris Buckley. Soon they'll have nobody left but John Bolton and K-Lo. Who deserve each other.

Grace Nearing, it's like the Republicans are electing their abusive fathers. If they start electing their abusive mothers (Palin), they're really going to have some problems.