Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, November 21, 2008

Megan McArdle Suffers For Our Souls

Needless to say, given that Obama's sterling choice of highest-caliber economic advisors was one of my main reason for supporting him, my regret is mounting faster than ever.

Poor Megan. What shall she do? She was depending on Obama to follow her philosophy, and now must live with a "bloody embarrassing" pick, if the news is true. How can she converse with her liberal friends who will support whatever Obama does with worshipful abandon? Everybody knows that liberals are fantasists who don't live in the real world. They don't hold down jobs or live in neighborhoods or buy food or pay taxes or send their kids to school. No, they only dream and meander and simper their way through life in a haze of imaginary thoughts and dreams of Jesus Obama fulfilling their every wish, tra la la.

Thank goodness Megan is here to set Obama and the liberals straight. Even though it does extract a heavy toll on her soul, and fill her with ever-mounting regret.


Anonymous said...

A bit long-winded but here goes:

Megan implies that she regrets voting for Obama, but I think Clever Pseudonym has previously mentioned that McArdle didn't actually vote. Megan was going to vote, but forgot to register or some such passive-aggressive nonsense.

Roy Edroso made a comment a while back that he thought Megan's decision to vote for Obama was some kind of social gambit.

What reminded me of this today were a couple of blog posts from friends of hers (Brian Beutler and Jim Henley) who debunk her post about GM workers making $70/hour.

Megan probably isn't in any particular danger of getting fired from The Atlantic, but it would fill my black little heart with glee if Megan was to impair her own social status as a result of her never-ending stream of hacky blog posts. It has to be difficult for her to continue to cultivate friendships with intelligent people while still churning out partisan nonsense at Asymmetrical Information day after day.

As the saying goes, karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

She's been pretty careful to use the word "support" when it comes to Obama, which makes her lamenting over the subject absolutely arrogant. See, Megan "supporting" Obama probably made all the difference in the election. Think of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people she holds sway over that otherwise would have pulled the lever for McCain. [rolls eyes]