Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lisa Schiffren Is So Much Fun

Lisa Schiffren says that Bristol Palin should cash in on her immorality by selling her baby's pictures because it'll annoy the liberal media.
Sometimes celebrities make a big show of giving the baby pix money to charity.
If I were advising the couple, I'd tell them to have a nice little wedding as
soon as possible.("Soon" being the operative word here.) And use the rest
for college for both of you — including whatever babysitting you need to pay
for. If there is any left, put it away for Trapp's [sic] education. This is blood money for your personal humiliation — and if you are smart you will use it to build a solid
future. It's purely a side benefit that that path would annoy the media most.

You mean the little miss hasn't married her fiance yet? But--but--Sarah Palin said they were going to get married, way back in September. If Bristol didn't care enough to give her baby a name and to have the child be legitimate, which conservatives really, really supposedly care about, why would she marry now?
Baby Tripp, who was reportedly due on December 18, takes the surname of his
18-year-old father, Levi Johnston, who said last month he plans to marry Bristol
sometime in 2009.

Oh, okay. I get it. You don't have to be married if you have a child, you just give them the father's name anyway. And you don't have to marry the mother of your child, as long as you say that some day you will do so. Seriously, I doubt anyone in Alaska will care; they have a free-wheeling reputation there. Illegitimate kids are only bad when they're the product of a teenage mother. Ummm, unwed teenage mother. Ummm, unwed teenage mother being supported by the taxpayers. Ummm, jobless unwed teenage mother without an education. Wait--I have it---jobless unwed uneducated teenage mother who is black! There you go!

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