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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nature Versus, Uh, Nature

Want to see warring psychological processes at work? Come on, it's fun! Step closer...and listen.

This New York Times article suggests that doctor arrogance is a significant cause of medical error. I certainly wouldn't be shocked if this were true. Still, given the thinness of the data, I have to wonder: [article excerpt] The observation that some people are jerks, and that jerkiness does not enhance performance, is not exactly
surprising. What I want to know is whether disruptive doctors actually account for a notable percentage of medical errors. I'm sure if you surveyed doctors, 20% or so could report an error caused by a lazy LPN, incompetent PA, or pigheaded nurse. But I'm skeptical that "nurse pigheadedness" is actually a major problem that America's healthcare system needs to address.

Megan McArdle is attracted to articles declaring that the people who do services for one are inferior, shoddy and arrogant. Yet doctors are of her social class are are often wealthy, making them elites and thereby immune from criticism. Who knows if it will be a doctor who finally gives Megan the McMansion and child(ren) and upper-class life she so richly deserves by virtue of birth and breeding? All Megan can do is point and quote, yet mitigate the article away to nothingness. It's kind of funny.

And Megan? Use plastic kitchen gloves.

UPDATE: Megan comments on her blog:

I wore gloves, but the latex isn't so good for my skin either.
Posted by Megan McArdle December 4, 2008 3:46 PM

Then why did she say, "After scrubbing my house from top to bottom after the move, the skin is literally peeling off my hands from all the chemicals."? Is it the chemicals or a latex allergy? And if it's a latex allergy, why didn't she say that? "Isn't so good for" is meaningless.

stupid mistake corrected


CMike said...

I followed the Homepage link at the end of a comment of yours at The Sideshow to this site. Your blogroll suggests you, yourself, might be sensible blogger. That said, after skimming through some of your back posts, it seems to me you find the wit and wisdom of Megan McArdle worthy of attention more frequently than I ever would. Regardless, I'll click back to see what you've posted.

[Consider using "Want" instead of "What" at the lift-off of "Nature Versus, Uh, Nature."]

Susan of Texas said...

Thank you for your suggestions and your advice. I do hope you find everything to your liking when you return to let me know if I measure up to your standards.

CMike said...

I, myself, have no stinkin' standards -- and I wasn't giving advice, just making a comment.

Susan of Texas said...

No problem, and I'm sorry that I was too sharp.

I see McArdle as the perfect example of why the Republicans are able to get away with all their horrible deeds.

spencer said...

Nobody finds McArdle's wit and wisdom - such as they are - worthy of much of anything at all. But we do find her presence at The Atlantic to be worth discussing, because there are serious implications not only for that particular, once-proud magazine, but for the state of America's media in general.

Hope that clears things up for you, C.