Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Jerk

Megan hates on the post office:

I suspect that the real problem here is that Matt does not remember what
the Post Office was like before FedEx and email--before, in short, the salutary
effects of capitalist competition had made it clear that the organization had
better shape up if anyone who worked for it wanted to continue enjoying their dizzyingly boring, but steady and lavishly benefitted, jobs.

Megan McArdle thinks private companies are always better than public entities because she is a lazy ideologue. She's a lazy ideologue because she's a bitchy snob. That is what this really is. She offers no evidence, doesn't even attempt to be fair, because all she really wants to do is sneer at the poor and middle class. It makes her feel richer and more elite than she really is.

I've got news for you, Megan. These people work harder than you ever thought of working, with your low output and short, ill-thought-out posts. Then they go home and take care of their families while you are out drinking and flirting at your local bar.

And since you've plastered your mug all over the web, people know who you are, including postal workers. Hope you don't need postal assistance soon--or are you planning to yell and scream at them like you do all your other "servants"?

You have no concept of true breeding or manners. Your lack of class bleeds through everything you write. If you really want to look better than you are, keep your mean little mouth shut.


Anonymous said...

What a godawful run-on sentence (not to mention her "in short" = Unsurprising Fail).

What does she claim her major was again? (The one that entitles her to a lifetime of the cheap demagoguery of a spoiled princess).

Susan of Texas said...

She has an English degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Chicago. But she seems to think she has a Golden Ticket by virture of being born on the Upper West Side of NYC. I think she's covering up her insecurity but also suffers from Jonanism.

Anonymous said...

As for Megan's major, I can imagine her coming from that antiquated background, where the sole purpose of sending your daughter to college was to find a suitable husband and be capable of charming dinner conversation. She probably did what those girls usually do - coast through on a C-average while hoping for Mr. Right to come along. After all, a girl mustn't become *too* smart for her own good.

Susan of Texas said...

I'm guessing she succeeded through copying others' ideas, regurgitating professors' lectures and opinions, and judicious use of whining and begging.