Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kathry Jean Lopez Is Racist

I just wanted to point this out:
Obama is—or appears to be—something blacks don’t see all that often—an
affectionate and loyal modern husband.
Blacks are not modern--they are uncivilized. Obama is--no, wait, appears to be a good husband. Obama, it seems, doesn't sleep around like all the other black men. Obama is affectionate--I have no idea what that means, except that Lopez shies away from sex. Conservatives love spouting crap like this because they want to initiate a debate in which they examine the sex lives of minorities in excruciating detail, while denouncing every aspect of their lives. They want to drag out AEI statistics and misinterpret data and say over and over, "But you do admit that the rate of illegitimacy among blacks is so high because of their inferior culture? Don't you? Don't you?"

It is how they prove their superiority to themselves and each other. If it weren't illegitimacy it would be immigrants or the "welfare state" or "entitlements." There will always be a scapegoat for people who take no responsibility for their actions.


Anonymous said...

Just another example of the modern Republican party (i.e., since Nixon). That's all.

Susan of Texas said...

I blame blonde and blue-eyed Jesus for normalizing racism.

M. Bouffant said...

The use of "blacks" -- not "black people," but reduction to a mere color -- very often is all you need to read.