Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nobody Can Do Anything, Ever

Did you know that the United States is utterly incompetent, and its citizens can achieve nothing? It's true! Megan McArdle says so. Sure, we managed to conduct a successful space program, make huge changes to accommodate new technologies such as electricity and computers, help bring our older citizens out of poverty, win a few wars (and lose a few), and keep the country running, but it's all an illusion. We can't do anything difficult, even if someone else is doing it now.

For instance, national health is too difficult to implement. Simply can't be done. Government and financial regulation is also impossible. We can't deal with climate change. We can't take care of our injured soldiers. We can't recover from failure. All we can do is give Wall Street money. You know, for a magazine that seems to pride itself on its ideas, the only idea I see from McArdle is that the world begins and ends with Wall Street, and the rest of us exist to feed it money and then crawl away to die.

It could be worse, though. She could have eaten Jonah Goldberg and burped up this column.


Downpuppy said...


Conor F. has already run so low on stuff a 6th grader would think of as new that he's down to writing up interviews with Instafuckwit.

And getting 0 comments. Even Suderman & the sockpuppets won't touch his crud.

I only mention this because Megan's crusade to keep people from getting decent healthcare has taken such a nasty, deceptive turn that it's no fun to read, even to take apart.

Unknown said...

Maybe MoDo's column was cute when she submitted it, but it curdled or something.

Dillon said...

"Did you know that the United States is utterly incompetent"

McArdle is projecting again.

Susan of Texas said...

McArdle genuinely seems to believe that tens of thousands will die if we have national health. If any of her beliefs can be said to be genuine. She's nuts.

Modo's column is really strange. Maybe she's feeling a little bit left behind, and is trying extra hard to be hip and funny?

McArdle always projects, doesn't she?