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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Happy Couple

What a surprise. After making posts on proposals, rings and babies, Megan McArdle announces she is getting married. She might as well have a head of glass, since everything that passes through it is laid bare for the public to see.

It's why she's such a good example of how conservatives base political decisions on personal issues. It's not ideology or Libertarianism or an elite education or even God. It's Mom and Dad, and growing up listening to complaints about dishonest unions and those nasty people who are holding back their betters.

McArdle and Suderman will have a child they can't afford and spend every penny they can borrow to give him or her an elite education. They will live on the fringes of an elite society, both part of it and outside it, hanging on through sheer will and cunning. They will be very happy, except when they are not.

UDATE: The blogging about wedding purchases has begun. And there's a tiara.

No, there really is.


Dillon said...

Glass head, indeed.

I have a feeling we are in store for lots of 'econoblogging' about prenuptial agreements, the wedding industry and the current state of the DC housing market.

(Maybe even a post with a cake recipe, if we're lucky!)

clever pseudonym said...

And she incorporated the word "vicissitudes" to announce it. Megan's pretentious perfect. They even fell for the stupid diamond cartel-invented fairy tale and bought a ring.

In honesty, though, I really do wish them all the happiness a marriage between two lower-middle class poseur journalists that think they're better than everyone else can bring.

Susan of Texas said...

I vvery happy for them both. And for the comic possibilities.

clever pseudonym said...

"I'm not going to do any wedding blogging, except when I am doing wedding blogging. Here is a link to the stupidest chart ever made."

Oh, this is going to be too much fun to watch. Megan's ridiculously self-absorbed in the ordinary. Imagine how she's going to get heading towards her Princess Day.

satch said...

And you know, it won't mean a thing if gays are allowed to marry...

Kathy said...

About Megan McAddled:

"The world's tallest female econoblogger delivers her opinions on economics, business, and other moral hazards"


A commenter at her fiance's blog said something really ... mushy-asskiss ...about the wonderful combination of IQ's and writing ability that will appear in their child. Yeesh.

Of course talents and brains often skip a generation, so the kid may be OK.