Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Monday, July 13, 2009

Thanks But No Thanks

Shorter Ross Douthat: Obey the Pope.

Somewhat Shorter Me: He's not my pope and I don't care what he says. When I am no longer a second class citizen in his eyes I'll read his work and think about it, just like I would for anyone else. Until then I cannot take seriously the agenda of anyone like Ross Douthat, who states that my uterus is on loan from his god and therefore he can tell me what to do with it.


clever pseudonym said...

"Papal encyclicals are supposed to be written with one eye on two millenniums of Catholic teaching, and the other on eternity. But Americans, as a rule, have rather narrower horizons."

Whereas, when it comes to contemplating from the time of the Western calculated BC/AD calendar and...forever, Asians and Europeans are just aces at wrapping their minds around that "horizon" (does eternity even have a horizon?).

I couldn't read beyond the first sentence.

Downpuppy said...

Then you missed the summary:

These arguments never seem to go anywhere

It's not clear whether he's intentionally talking about himself.

Julia Grey said...

I can't even read the thing, knowing how accurate your summaries are.

I already have a headache today.

Kathy said...

If the Pope is really against abortion, he would be in favor of contraception and sex-education. That is putting your money where your mouth is.

Think of the genuine, long-term good the Catholic Church could do- if they really wanted to.

Susan of Texas said...

This pope wants a purer papacy and Church, even if he has to drive a lot of Catholics away from their faith. If the priests start taking action aginst their parishoners, which seems remote to me but is very possible, they will make it impossible for most American women to be Catholic.