Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stop, Thief!

I'll get to the more serious stuff later, but this Megan McArdle post is too good to ignore.
Well, my fourth bike was stolen this morning, out of our backyard, which has a seven foot stockade fence around it.


I laugh not because theft is funny, but because I know what has happened before, and I know what will happen next. McArdle helped the elites that own our government and financial system to steal the money she invested, money she planned to use to buy a house. She is currently doing anything within her power to ensure she will not have government health care. She will, when the time comes, do everything in her power to eradicate social security and Medicare. But getting her bike stolen--that's just the last straw!

The second thing I know is that her commenters will blame the victim. Since like calls to like, that attitude is what probably what attracted them to McArdle's blog in the first place. McArdle won't respond to criticisms of her work but she will respond to people who criticize her, when she does something foolish or without thinking it through. That hurts her pride in her intellect and is the only thing that pierces her thick layer of self-satisfaction.

Maybe I can put this in a way McArdle would understand. McArdle, during the theft of your investments bike you took money from the thieves to obfuscate and persuade everyone that their bikes were not being stolen. After everyone noticed their bikes were gone, you said that the thieves had to steal the bike or we'd all suffer when the thieves couldn't make money by stealing and selling bikes. Finally, you recommended that we give the thieves more money because they won't get the full purchase price when they sell the bikes. Except it was thousands of dollars, not a bike, that you lost, as well as your dreams for the future of your family.


Downpuppy said...

In the old thread, even her sockpuppets were piling on about the stupidity of saving for a downpayment in the stock market.

Megan will never draw a connection between a cutthroat economy & crime, no matter how obvious at every level. Duuh. (But she will head for the outer burbs at light speed the moment her stick turns purple)

clever pseudonym said...

Theft is only wrong when the poor steal from the wealthy. When it's the other way around, it's called capitalism and free markets, two of Megan's favorite things.

Downpuppy said...

"two-journalist household"


Susan of Texas said...

Two astroturfers is more like it.

I wonder why McArdle won't take the Metro? She said it's "shockingly" hard to do so, but I noticed that the Watergate Complex is three blocks and one busy avenue away from the Foggy Bottom metro stop.If she bikes to work she can't be too far from a subway station. What's the problem?

clever pseudonym said...

Public transportation? Isn't that for poor people? Megan might actually have to rub elbows with one of those icky things if she does that, Susan.

Susan of Texas said...

Since McArdle is a libertarian she should have just hired someone to guard her bike. Why should the taxpayer pay to guard her possessions? And if the traffic is bad (the probable reason to bike instead of drive), she should get to work advocating for the government to privitize the roads. If they are run by private enterprise they automatically will be much, much better. She'll just have to pay every time she goes anywhere in the car. The roads probably will be much less crowded under those circumstances.