Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beauty Contest

Megan McArdle is annoyed by a woman attempting to market her assets. Doesn't McArdle know that what's good for marketing is good for America? Why does she hate American breasts?

I'm Too Sexy For This Bank
A friend passes along this link: Can you be too hot to be a banker? I think the real question is, "Can you be too arrogant to be a banker?" And I'm surprised to find that the answer is, apparently, "Yes".

Let's hope for his own sake that the friend wasn't P. Suderman, soon to be Mr. Megan McArdle. The woman banker's arrogance was over her looks. No word on people who arrogantly assume that just because a banker is one of the tribe, he is intelligent and ethical and won't gut the economy.

Perhaps McArdle's pique was pricked by her exclusion from the Twenty Hottest Conservative Bloggers, picked by these irresistible example of male conservative pulchritude:

Glenn Reynolds--Instapundit

Jonah Goldberg--National Review

Andrew Malcolm--LA Times

Dan Gainor--Newsbusters

James Joyner--Outside The Beltway

Imagine the aggravation of being found wanting by that lot. But that's the price conservative women like McArdle have to pay for choosing to support the conservative elite. McArdle must serve food barefoot to her male superiors, suck up to morons, and watch her peers pour over pictures of younger and prettier women, which are plastered all over the internet so her friends know that by the standards of her tribe, she just don't measure up.


Anonymous said...

You really want your readers to consider Megan's breasts and/or mating practices?

Few have a strong enough stomach for such an endeavor.

Susan of Texas said...

McArdle is the one with breasts on her mind in this case. It's kind of funny to see her complain about others' self-praise when she goes around talking about how good she looks.

Clever Pseudonym said...

I'm always amazed at your ability to dig deep into Megan's archives to find her more damning material, Susan. I can't imagine how a "longish" conversation about white jeans could possibly be less interesting. Unless it were a pointless blog post about said conversation that seemed to serve no other purpose than for Megan to, once again, brag about how tall and thin she is. What a self-absorbed bore.

And I second you on the self-praise. How many "yeah, I really am all that" posts has Megan written?

Susan of Texas said...

Hi, CP! Heh, it's a blessing and a curse.

Lurking Canadian said...

Megan doesn't just want us to know how thin and tall she is, she's smarter than us, too (by virtue of being taller)! Just ask her!

Even for Megan, though, this post is stranger than normal. A woman who was fired for being so attractive she "distracted" her male colleagues is "arrogant" for believing herself fired for being too attractive? Is there any other way to interpret the events in the story?

Anonymous said...

Poor Megan - not even in the Others Receiving Votes portion of the comments.

Also, I dispute their hotness ratings, but so be it...

Substance McGravitas said...

I see you - AND THE ELITISTS IN THEIR EIFFEL TOWER - neglect the beauty of the article's author, John Hawkins.