Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, June 18, 2010


Huh. Courtney Knapp is still blogging about tipping. It's really not that complicated.

Ms. Knapp claims to be generous; she doesn't seem to feel the libertarian joy of withholding money from others.


Clever Pseudonym said...

Did you send you [sic] food back? You should have, that sends a message to the kitchen."

Nice to see Megan's guest bloggers are as proficient at editing as she is. And equally as dumb. Yes, it sends a message to the kitchen. A message that is more than likely answered in the form of human waste being an extra ingredient in the replacement dish.

fledermaus said...

Libertarians specialize in long winded explanations on why what appears to be assholish selfish behavior on their part is actually a manifestaion of objective reality and you're just to dumb to get it.

This is what makes them such a hit a parties.

Parmenides said...

I can tell you what sending back a dish back to the kitchen gets you. A pissed off kitchen. I've never spit in someones food but I've defiantly fucked up someones food in less noticable ways as a game. If they send it back a second time then I've actually got respect for them, if not, well they shouldn't have sent it back in the first place due to their lack of taste buds.

Susan of Texas said...

Maybe tipping is complicated. It depends on the mood of the person, who he is with, what kind of payment he uses, the time of day, the amount of alcohol involved, the age of the waitress, and a lot more. Maybe food and service are the least important factors for the people who go out for fun.

Small parties tip more than large. Families tip less than businessmen. A man and two unrelated women is tipping gold.