Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We Have A Winner!

Megan McArdle and P. Suderman have made a decision regarding their honeymoon, one that we are sure will fill them with great happiness as they embark on the voyage of matrimony together. As you may recall, McArdle was torn between Hawaii and Turkey as her honeymoon destination. Hawaii is touristy while Turkey is exotic, but, as events have proven, Turkey is a little too close to the wars we Americans dearly love to support in other countries. The irony of Megan McArdle, intellectually, emotionally and violently supportive of American bombs protecting the American way of American life, being killed by American imperialism while on her honeymoon would simply be too cruel.

Sad to say, she utterly ignored our own suggestion, beautiful Baghdad, where she could be perfectly safe surrounded by the billion-dollar bases her tax money pays for. Perhaps we should have suggested Somalia, Randian paradise, but McArdle's cavalier attitude towards military and corporate malfeasance stops at her own skin, and she obviously (and wisely) would much rather sun herself on a beach and complain about being ripped off by the natives over being ripped apart by the destruction, war, and poverty that accompanies weak, exploitative governments.


Kathy said...

She's goin to Hawaii in the Summer?

My suggestion is she & hubby go to Arizona. If they're lucky the Hispanic (or entire darker-skinned population) will go on a 10 day strike, so Megan won't be bothered seeing dark skinned maids or motel (I'm sure she'll stay at a motel) pool cleaners.

Emily said...

I've said it before, but if she & P are trying to buy a house, they should go for two nights in a nice B&B in colonial Williamsburg and put the rest of the honeymoon money into the house down payment pot.

Anonymous said...

Damn! She really should have take Somalia. It is,. after all, the Platonic ideal of a country, at least according to her philosophical lights.

No government or regulation at all. Every businessman unfettered to make money in any way the market will tolerate and reward--including (and perhaps especially) mass murder and looting. Every consumer a rational actor conducting transactions based solely on their own self interest (like giving up all their valuables in the hopes of avoiding a bullet in the head).

C'mon, Megan! Galt's Gulch in spring could not possibly be more beautiful than Somalia at any time of year!

Susan of Texas said...

I never understood the Hawaii/Turkey dilemma. I might go to Italy for the museums and food, or Greece for the historical sites or Ireland to drive through the countryside. Russia and Scandanavia, to see someplace utterly different.

Maybe the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. Or the St. Louis in New Orleans. Or drive up the coast of Maine, eating lobster and crab.

I think that if I were just going to lie on the beach and read I'd rather do it closer to home and save the rest of the money, as Emily says.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, she should have gone to the beachfront libertarian paradise of Sierra Leone.

Downpuppy said...

How could you all have overlooked her current opportunity to enjoy the fruits of unfettered capitalism all over the Gulf Coast?

DocAmazing said...

I think a zesty cruise to Gaza might be just the ticket.