Atlas Shrugged: The Mocking

Friday, December 31, 2010

Fill In The Blank

Some day that'll be me!

Every time we try to write about the latest Megan McArdle post we find ourselves repeating past complaints. It's getting difficult to respond to boilerplate with originality.

This post is a link to yet another obscure libertarian blogger, as if being libertarian were enough qualification for pundit status. McArdle speculated on the celebrity gossip in the post and applies it to her own life, as she is wont to do. It seems McArdle is insecure about her femininity and feels the need to share this information with thousands of people. We would suggest that McArdle keep this information to herself because she is being both unprofessional and handing ammunition to her ideological opponents, but she is proud of her "feminine" style of blogging and sees no reason not to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about her life and likes and dislikes. It's All About Megan, which is why she is a libertarian in the first place, of course.

Here's yet another post that speculates on unsupported rumors just so McArdle can bash unions. What can we say except "Enjoy your lower-tax libertarian utopia!" and "Pull up those boot-straps, Missy, and shovel your own roads free of snow!"

And here's her umpteeth post on how we must have a balanced budget or the economy will crash. It's wise of McArdle to predict economic disaster since her bankster buddies ensured that disaster would happen after they were done looting the country, but it's a bit galling to see her work so enthusiastically to return us to a time when the poor begged in the streets and old people lived on cat food and died like flies every time the thermometer dropped.

But it's not all spinach; there's some fun among the depressingly servile and callous posts. McArdle admits that house prices will go down further, but sees no reason why she should regret buying a house before the prices dropped. We can think of about 50,000 reasons why she should have waited, but if McArdle is happy, then by golly so are we. It's always amusing to watch McArdle rationalize her mistakes.

Finally, McArdle has yet another post quoting and praising Little Master Douthat. She still has hope that he'll recommend her when Krugman retires, no doubt. We wish her the best of luck and can think of no better coda to this whole sorry era than to see McArdle squatting on top of the servile, deceitful heap she has devoted so much energy to climb.


atat said...

Wow, the commenters in the first post are Neanderthals.

Well, I guess they're the same commenters in the other posts too, but that first one really brings out the idiocy.

Susan of Texas said...

My favorite comment:

"You know, I have a 6'2" aunt who was dumped by her gay husband after multiple kids, I kind of want to ask her about how she feels like that now"

Anonymous said...

it really is all about Megan! I wish it had turned out to be all about the Hokey Pokey.


Mr. Wonderful said...

It IS about the Hokey Pokey: You put your right hand in, you pull your right hand out, you hold up what you've grabbed and you wave it all about. You do the Hokey Pokey as society erodes. That's what it's all about.

Lurking Canadian said...

It's also another chance for Megs to remind us about her great height, which (lest we forget) is correlated with intelligence. If she didn't bring it up every five minutes, we might forget how very much better than us she truly is.

chazbet said...

Not only does she make mistakes; she gets interviews to give her an opportunity to justify them.

Roger Ailes said...

"Maybe I'm just oversensitive because due to my height, I am frequently actually mistaken for a guy by people who aren't paying much attention."

And those people all say, "How could someone who writes so poorly be a woman?"

Clever Pseudonym said...

I doubt she's ever mistaken for a guy, certainly not frequently. Megan just needs to feel special and pretend that she's the only tall woman nearly everyone has come across. I have lots of tall family members, some of them women. Not a one has ever been mistaken for the wrong gender, pointed or stared at, or inspired awe in the people they meet simply for their height. The most common, and apparently somewhat annoying according to a few, experience they seem to share is being asked if they have or do play basketball. Being tall may not be normal, but it isn't nearly the fabulously rare condition Megan needs to convince herself that it is.

fish said...

John Galt was tall.

Susan of Texas said...

But was he ever mistaken for Mean McArdle?

Susan of Texas said...

That might be the best typo I've ever made.