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Friday, March 11, 2011

K-Lo, Girl Blogger--Starring Kathryn Jean Lopez

God Bless
March 11, 2011 6:18 A.M. By Kathryn Jean Lopez
the people hit by the earthquake in Japan — and all the subsequent tsunamis . . . including in our Hawaii.

03/11/11 11:57
Do I understand this correctly? "God bless the people whose lives and property are at risk because of an act of God"?

If she didn't already exist I would have had to invent her. She's a human sitcom, a character for the ages. Bless her thick little skull.


Kathy said...

God seems as contemptuous of K-Lo's prayers as I am.

Susan of Texas said...

I wonder what K-Lo would say after a nuclear meltdown.

Tommykey said...

On a Facebook thread about the disaster that hit Japan, someone wrote "May God protect all the people effected by this tragic event. In God we trust."

I wrote back along the lines of "Well, people have already died, so I'd say your God was sleeping on the job."

bill said...

Meaning, in either case, not what you'd call trustwothy.

Kathy said...

A commenter on another blog wondered: "Is god a whale?"

satch said...

"Our Hawaii"? Is there another one?