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Friday, March 11, 2011

K-Lo, Girl Blogger--Starring Kathryn Jean Lopez

God Bless
March 11, 2011 6:18 A.M. By Kathryn Jean Lopez
the people hit by the earthquake in Japan — and all the subsequent tsunamis . . . including in our Hawaii.

03/11/11 11:57
Do I understand this correctly? "God bless the people whose lives and property are at risk because of an act of God"?

If she didn't already exist I would have had to invent her. She's a human sitcom, a character for the ages. Bless her thick little skull.


Kathy said...

God seems as contemptuous of K-Lo's prayers as I am.

Susan of Texas said...

I wonder what K-Lo would say after a nuclear meltdown.

Tommykey said...

On a Facebook thread about the disaster that hit Japan, someone wrote "May God protect all the people effected by this tragic event. In God we trust."

I wrote back along the lines of "Well, people have already died, so I'd say your God was sleeping on the job."

bill said...

" ... I'd say your God was sleeping on the job."

Or He's a malicious fuck, one of the two.

bill said...

Meaning, in either case, not what you'd call trustwothy.

Kathy said...

A commenter on another blog wondered: "Is god a whale?"

satch said...

"Our Hawaii"? Is there another one?